TRUCKPAVE porous pavers for heavy vehicle access

TRUCKPAVE porous pavers for heavy vehicle access

Porous pavers for heavy vehicle access

TRUCKPAVE - Chadderton Electrical Depot

Client: Electricity North West
Project: Electricity depot, Chadderton

A large 9000m2 site in Oldham Broadway Business Park, owned by Electricity North West Ltd. and consisting of a new two storey depot and a car park, had been heavily under utilised. This was due to the unstabilised surface within the depot yard, which was prone to flooding and clearly unsuitable for HGVs and even forklift trucks could only be used intermittently, when weather conditions permitted. Electricity North West was anxious to maximise the usage of the storage and loading areas and provide secure parking for their heavy equipment, trucks and large vans. This included a fleet of 25 tonne mobile generating trucks and 45 tonne oil tankers.

Firecrest Construction of Leeds was appointed to identify and construct a cost effective, robust and sustainable solution. The options of tarmac or reinforced concrete were quickly discarded, partly due to the cost of stabilisation prior to installation and partly on environmental grounds since the surface water run-off from such a large area would have a significant impact on the surface water drainage network locally, especially with the close proximity of the Rochdale Canal. The ideal solution came from Firecrest’s designers, Dunster Consulting Ltd. of Pately Bridge, near Harrogate.

Dunster had previously experience TERRAM Truckpave, TERRAM’s robust and durable porous paving and were able to demonstrate the advantages of the TERRAM Truckpave system to both contractor and client. Very positive discussions with TERRAM ensued and TERRAM Truckpave, laid on a free draining granular stone sub base, was selected as the surface course for this heavily trafficked area, amounting to some 3,700m2.

TERRAM Truckpave is extremely simple and quick to install. Each paver weighs only 12kgs – substantially lighter than concrete alternatives - and is compliant with HSE manual handling limits. The pavers (600x400x100mm) are simply butted together and the series of cells in each unit offer a void area of 55% which can be filled with angular gravel, or top soiled and seeded to provide a grass finish. Given the industrial nature of the Electricity North West application, the stone infill option was chosen. TERRAM Truckpave provides a permanently stable, robust and durable surface laid on a permeable free draining sub-base, achieving a sustainable drainage solution. The paving is flexible and resistant to cracking with high compressive strength, capable of dealing with vehicles up to 60 tonnes gross weight, and 10 tonne wheel loads.

A major benefit of TERRAM Truckpave is that, unlike honeycomb cell type plastic pavers, Truckpave resists rotation and displacement of pavers caused by HGV and forklift manoeuvring. A feature of this project was the strong co-operation between the parties that led to easy decision making and problem solving. Peter Thomson, Fleet and Logistics Manager of Electricity North West, underlined this mutual trust, saying “We found Firecrest a very co-operative contractor and, with Dunster Consulting’s aid, we were able to meet all our objectives”. Shane Parsons of Firecrest was equally enthusiastic, emphasising the interaction that led to a solution that was totally practical, meeting environmental requirements as well as providing a permanent, durable and high load bearing surface. 

TERRAM Truckpave - heavy duty permeable paving for HGV's
Gravel filled porous plastic pavers support lorries, HGV's and forklifts
Permeable electrical depot yard using TERRAM's Truckpave grids

All parties were delighted with TERRAM Truckpave, the only environmentally friendly recycled plastic paver system that combines easy handling and laying with a sustainable drainage solution and is capable of handling frequent overrun by HGVs and fork lift trucks.

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