Porous paver for coach & car parking (Twycross Zoo)

Porous paver for coach & car parking (Twycross Zoo)

Grass-filled porous paver for coach & car parking (Twycross Zoo)


Twycross Zoo has been open since 1963, attracting in excess of 450,000 visitors per year. In order to cater for this number and to increase future visitors a major refurbishment program was planned. This meant that the current visitor facilities were renewed and improved and construction on the new visitor centre was planned to start early 2009 and be finished by 2010. The majority of the existing visitor car & coach parking facilities were in the precise location of the new visitor centre development and therefore required relocation. These new car & coach parks and their access roads were required before commencement of the new development to ensure that zoo remained open throughout.

6720m2 of BODPAVE 40 was specified for the heavier more regular car, coach and vehicle access routes through the park with variations on grass & gravel surfacing as dependent on application. BODPAVE 40 paving grids were installed onto a prepared reinforced free draining crushed aggregate sub-base in line with the design specification and either filled with a gravel or rootzone for a grassed surface. BODPAVE 40 grids are designed to withstand very high loads including regular coach traffic and allow the surface to look natural (grass) whilst providing a strong reinforced surface that will not deform.

BODPAVE 40 met the requirements of ‘Source Control’ conditions as part of the requirement for a SuDS application, in that the new surfaces must be able to meet with an environmental requirement to enable water to permeate either in the surface/water table and/or be carried at source to the new wetlands zone on site (Several large ponds surrounded by naturalised wetland environment) which were constructed as part of the development. This ensured that none of the surface water had to be directed into off-site drainage systems which could have had an influence of possible flash floods in the area.

BODPAVE 40 was used in conjunction with GRASSPROTCTA which was specified for the reinforcement of the car parking areas.

Client: Twycross Zoo
Location: Twycross, Atherstone
Contractor: Links Associates
Application: 6720m2 Coach Parking and Vehicle Access Routes
Product: BODPAVE 40 (Green)