Gravel filled porous paver for running track

Gravel filled porous paver for running track

Reinforced porous gravel running track in Chester

BodPave 85 Porous Plastic Pavers

Client: Personal Trainer
Location: Chester
Project: Running and fitness training track

Clare Burrell, a personal trainer from Cheshire required an economic, all weather training surface for herself and her clients to undertake a full range of fitness activities including; running, cross training and body conditioning. Clare was previously using a grass track around a polo field and so an alternative surface which required little maintenance and retained its structure during all weather conditions was desirable. 

TERRAM BodPave 85 pavers were suggested as a solution due to their ability to retain gravel in an environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing way. The pavers are laid onto a free-draining base and can be gravel or grass filled, both options provide a stable surface which is porous and therefore aids the drainage of water. TERRAM BodPave 85 pavers interlock into each other and are provided in 1m x 1m panels (four pre-connected pavers) for speed of installation. Clare chose 

TERRAM BodPave 85 in natural with an aggregate fill; this was laid onto a free-draining base to make a track 1.5m x 250m. Marker posts were installed at 50m intervals for timing runs and sprints. The natural colour is light in contrast to the surrounding grass and provides a recognisable track for running and exercise. The track was installed in July 2012 and has been in frequent use since then. The combination of the paver and the aggregate fill provide a stable surface, soft enough for regular exercise. Clare states that TERRAM Bodpave 85 performs “brilliantly” as a running track and has shown significant