BodPave 85 Porous Car Park - Chatham Docks

BodPave 85 Porous Car Park - Chatham Docks

Chatham Docks Permeable Gravel Car Park

BodPave 85 Porous Plastic Pavers

Client: Command of the Oceans, Chatham Dockyard
Location: Chatham, Medway
Contractor: Raymond Brown Construction Ltd
Application: 8800m2 Car Parking Facilities


After Chatham Dockyard closed in 1984 the site was split into three main sections, a residential and leisure development, commercial units and a Maritime Museum. The Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust received a Charity grant which has enabled them to open a new visitor attraction with upgraded visitor entrance and car park to service the Museum site.


8800 m2 of Bodpave 85 was specified for the car park as it offers a load carrying weight of 400 tonnes per sqm, providing a strong reinforced surface that will not deform. Bodpave 85 paving grids were installed onto a prepared, reinforced free draining crushed aggregate sub-base in line with our design specification and filled with a sharp angular stone. Bodpave 85 was able to provide an environmental requirement for a SUDS application, allowing the water to permeate into the water table below.


Structure:    Round cells
Polymer:    100% recycled polyethelene
Colour:        Black


Grid Size: 500mm x 500mm x 50mm (+/-4%)
Weight per grid:1.56kg (+/-4%)
Weight per sqm: 6.24


Measurement:Resistance to compression (ambient)
Results:    400 tonnes /m2