Grass and Ground

Grass and Ground

Fiberweb Geosynthetics manufacture a range of solutions to reinforce, stabilise and protect grass and gravel surfaces. It is only in the last thirty years or so that the demand has grown for soft unpaved solutions that can be trafficked and are more aesthetically pleasing than concrete and asphalt. Our grass and ground reinforcement range provides a permeable surface suitable for grass or gravel.

Grass reinforcement

Grassed areas that are required for vehicular access (overflow car parking, access roads and paths) on a regular or occasional period are prone to wear, smearing and rutting. TERRAM grass reinforcement meshes are designed for such applications provided that the soil can drain sufficiently. The mesh is supplied on a roll and is installed directly onto the grass and being porous allows full water penetration. The mesh intertwines with the mesh roots creating a strong interlocked base, which improves the reinforcement of the grass while allowing the grass to grow through creating a natural appearance.

GrassProtecta is a thick part-recycled plastic mesh that is suitable for most occasional consecutive vehicular use applications, such as overflow grass car parks, wheelchair access routes, grass verges, light aircraft taxiways and paths.

TurfProtecta is a lightweight recycled plastic mesh for infrequent traffic, ideal for seasonal events for overflow car parking, wheelchair access routes and pedestrian paths

Advanced Turf is a reinforcement system with no visible surface structures. Engineered high strength plastic mesh elements are blended with a rootzone to produce and engineered turf system with invisible structures. Suitable for occasional vehicular use, fire access roads, helipads, event areas and sculptured slopes.

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GrassProtecta grass reinforcement mesh protects grass from traffic damage
Plastic mesh reinforcement helps reinforce the grass root structure