Coastal & Waterways

Coastal & Waterways

Terram Geosynthetics are commonly used in many coastal and waterway applications such as:
Foreshores, dams and flood bunds, river and canal banks, lagoon, lake and reservoir shores, culverts and outfalls, ports, breakwaters, artificial islands and causeways. 

Applications with geosynthetics for Coastal and Waterways

The use of geosynthetics in the construction of marine embankments and erosion control structures within waterways
is now widely accepted as a cost effective replacement for
traditional materials.pass in both directions yet filter fine soil particles.

The use of geosynthetics within these applications has expanded over the years as technologists and engineers have innovated and exploited the unique properties of the products that have been developed.

Geotextile filters can be deployed below marine breakwaters as an alternative to a traditional underlay, providing material savings and a reduction in overall construction costs. Specialist geocomposite cell structures can be used to provide effective erosion control and for the construction of rapid deployment flood defence systems.

Typical Coastal and Waterway Applications

• Foreshores
• Dams and flood bunds
• River and canal banks
• Lagoon, lake and reservoir shores
• Culverts and outfalls
• Ports, breakwaters, artificial islands
and causeways

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