Engineered turf

Engineered turf

TurfCarpet (Soil-less turf)

TurfCarpet™ is a clean natural grass turf that takes grass beyond the traditional. New and technology means that there are huge possibilities for artistic designs in green spaces and the potential for grass use to go beyond the traditional lawn. TurfCarpet™ grass can now be used to create living shapes and sculptures and can also be used to stabilise steep slopes and embankments where standard grass grown on soil would die due to the slope angle.

TurfCarpet™ is a mature soil-less grass growing in a biodegradable felt especially designed to retain moisture and to give great strength and flexibility. The felt is strong and will not tear like standard turf.

Ideal for:
• Unusual landscape architecture
• Living grass sculptures and design features
• Erosion Control
• Steep embankmentsMarquee flooring
• Show gardensInstant grass carpet for exhibitions & film sets

The biodegradable felt medium that the TurfCarpet™ grass is growing in is made from recycled British textiles and the felt medium acts as a weed barrier which retains moisture aiding rapid establishment to the base soil below. Supplied in widths of up to four metres, rooting from the actively growing turf is rapid into the soil below, providing immediate stability, particularly useful where soil erosion could be an issue.

Turfcarpet™ is suitable for both temporary or permanent use both indoors and outdoors and is supplied in large rolls resulting in minimal visible joins. It is ideal at many events and can be simply re-rolled up after use without leaving soil mess after. The TurfCarpet™ can then be re-rolled out to continue growing before it is required again.

TurfCarpet™ is ideal for temporary use, being soil-less, as it can be rolled out like a carpet for an instant effect and then removed leaving no mess behind.

Large quantities can be grown to order. This will take six to eight weeks to supply (longer in the winter).

Product Specification

SizeFelt SpecThicknessWeight (moist)Weight (Saturated)
Up to 4m wide700g/m²approx 20mm12kg/m²22kg/m²


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