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Netlon Advanced Turf® System (Netlon ATS) is a specially blended reinforced rootzone for grass reinforcement. The rootzone incorporates a sand : soil mix into which is blended thousands of interlocking high strength BOP plastic mesh elements. Netlon Advanced Turf® root zone was originally designed by Netlon Turf Systems and offers a strong reinforced rootzone, with a specially selected turf laid on top to establish grass cover.

As these grass roots develop they penetrate through the plastic mesh elements to form a deep anchored root system and a very stable rootzone. The plastic mesh elements structures are invisible beneath providing a natural grass surface and a very effective reinforced rootzone capable of withstanding heavy loads and reducing soil compaction.

Netlon Advanced Turf® system allows a free draining natural grass surface with a high load bearing capacity with the benefit of no visible surface structures. The mesh elements remain in the root zone interlocked with the grass roots. Netlon Advanced Turf® System is the perfect solution for ‘source control‘ applications within a SuDS system (Sustainable Urban Drainage System).

Netlon® ATS Applications include :
• Fire Engine & HGV Access on grass
• Overspill parking
• Overflow grass car parks
• Sports SurfacesCapable of reinforcing slopes up to 50°
• Regular outdoor event surfaces
• Helipads

Netlon Advanced Turf® grass reinforcement rootzone system offers a safe, invisible and naturally attractive grass surface with the benefit of the reinforced root zone which is capable of resisting rutting, wear and soil compaction. The reinforced root zone promotes fast natural rainwater penetration and surface drainage which makes it perfect as a source control solution within a SuDS design (Sustainable Urban
Drainage System)


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