Detectable underground tapes / mesh

Detectable underground tapes / mesh

Detectamesh detectable mesh

Underground warning mesh

Application Function

Warning / detection

Detectamesh® is a coloured plastic detectable mesh for marking and detecting buried underground pipes, cables and services. Detectamesh® detectable tape can be used in conjunction with cable & pipe locators & cable avoidance tools (CAT & GENNY). Detectamesh® detectable tape is manufactured to BS EN 12613.

Detectamesh® detectable mesh is manufactured from high strength coloured rot resistant homopolymer polypropylene plastic mesh incorporating a traceable stainless steel wire or aluminium foil, and overprinted with a warning message in black.

• Plastic mesh is manufactured to BS EN 12613:2001
• Detectamesh is bagged for storage / protection
• Various colours available
• Crimps & Crimping tool available
• Bespoke texts can be manufactured to order

Special manufacture available:
Widths : 100mm, 200mm, 300mm & 500mm
Lengths : 100m to 250m
Any colour or text/logo can be manufactured

Crimping tool
To ensure a continuous signal along the Detectamesh® detectable mesh it is important to use our wire crimps and crimping tool. This gives the join sufficient strength to cope with most back fills. If it is not installed correctly then the signal may not pass from join to join.

Crimping Tool - Y0133202
Stainless Steel Wire Crimps - Y0100001
(Packs of 100)

TextSizePart Number
CAUTION – BURIED GAS PIPE200mm x 100m016167 (wire)
CAUTION – ELECTRIC CABLE BELOW200mm x 100m016181 (wire)
CAUTION - STREET LIGHTING CABLE BELOW200mm x 100m016082 (wire)
CAUTION – WATER MAIN BELOW200mm x 100m016747 (wire)
CAUTION – WATER MAIN BELOW200mm x 100m016761 (ali/foil)
CAUTION - STORM WATER CULVERT BELOW200mm x 100m016846 (Wire)
CAUTION– FIBRE OPTIC CABLES200mm x 100m017263 (wire)
CAUTION - RAW WATER MAIN BELOW200mm x 100m045969 (Wire)
CAUTION - TELEPHONE CABLE BELOW200mm x 100m017126 (Wire)
CAUTION – SEWER BELOW200mm x 100m017508 (wire)
CAUTION – FIRE MAINS BELOW200mm x 100m017584 (wire)
CAUTION – SEWERAGE PUMPING MAIN BELOW200mm x 100m017607 (wire)
CAUTION - GRAVITY SEWER BELOW200mm x 100m017621 (wire)
CAUTION - PRESSURE SEWER BELOW200mm x 100m017645 (wire)
CAUTION - NON POTABLE WATER MAIN BELOW200mm x 100m017683 (wire)
CAUTION - FUEL PIPE BELOW200mm x 100m017669 (Wire)
Text can be printed in any language or colour, talk to our sales team.

Detectamesh ® detectable mesh can be specially manufactured and is available in various sizes, colours and texts to your specification.


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